Workshopping as Research, 2023

Is there a bridge between the diasporic and assimilated identities? Through the lens of the British-Nepali diaspora.

A discursive exploration of the British-Nepali diaspora in context of our familial kinships. Using diagramatic and drawing workshop methods as a research tool, I facilitate dialogues surrounding our identity and culture. 

Using play, materiality and reflection as a means to prevent intergeneration dissonance; strenghtening our connection to our heritage through collective interpersonal relationships.

Workshop held at my MA graduate show as a recontextualisation of my research gathered domestic homes to an institutional setting. Displaying the act of resistance to assimilation despite changes in location. 
︎︎︎ Facilitating, workshopping, conversational practice.

Exhibited at RCA2023, Kensington

Workshop with family held at RCA, Kengsinton — Private viewing, July 2023 (Watch clip here)

Mindmapping workshop surrounding themes of Nepali/British identity — Posca pen on A1 cartridge paper

Drawing workshop on objects brought by partcipants that represents their identity — Oil pastel on A4 paper, collaged onto A1 catridge paper