Bidesi Zine, 2023

‘Bidesi' (foreigner in Nepali) is a zine that emerged from my research during my MA at the RCA interrogating the British-Nepali diaspora experience.

Research tools such as autoethnography, interviews, collaborative indigenous craft making, diagramatic and drawing workshops became integral in opening discursive dialogue surrounding identity with myself, close family and friends in informal domestic environements. 

Materialised into a publication, a tangible embodiment of these intimate dialogues. A recontextualising of diasporic narratives to re-enter the very family homes that inspired them.
︎︎︎ Graphic design, printed matter, qualitative research

Exhibited at RCA2023, Kengsinton

Spreads of ‘Bidesi’ Zine (Read here)

Zine to be given to participants of my research — A5 size

'Bidesi' to be situated within the domestic environment

‘Bidesi’ used/exhibited for mindmapping workshop at RCA2023, Kensington (July 2023)