Crocheting with Ama, 2023

A collaboration with my mother through crocheting—a craft she learned from other women during her upbringing in Palpa, Nepal. Despite limited resources, she crafted her own school bag, exemplifying how Nepali women harnessed practical crafting skills.

A mother-daughter sharing of craft became a medium for intergenerational indigenous skill-sharing and dialogue. In response, I crocheted a bag using the stitch patterns she taught me and incorporated  'Magar' (my ethnicity) or 'Nepali', in Devanagari typography, into the design.

This project merged traditional crocheting with my background in graphic design, materializing my research on the bridge between diasporic and assimilated identities while highlighting the evolution of intergenerational skills.
︎︎︎ Collaborative indigenous craft making, film making, photography, collage, typography

‘Crocheting with Ama’ - short documentary, 3 minutes and 4 seconds (Watch here)

Experimental collaged zine, A5 (Read here)

My mother wearing a crocheted bag I made with 'Magar' written in Nepali.

Worn with traditional Magar clothing.