Cooking as Practice, 2022

During Tihar and Bhai Tika celebrations at home, I  initiated dialogue with family members about food culture. Through one-on-one conversations and audio-recorded interviews, I uncovered their experiences growing up in Nepal, revealing insights into gender roles, their environment, and cherished memories.

I collected their cherished cooking recipes and recreated at my student accommodation in London. Following my Mama and Ama's dishes, cooking became a meditative connection to my family and Nepali heritage, redefining my solitude into a space of familiarity and comfort.

Exhibited in end of term 1 symposium at the RCA, I projected my process of cooking the two reccipes along with the dishes itself. As a facilitator, I collaborated with Thalia Dougourou to host a live drawing workshop that merged her drawing expertise with my food-focused research, sparking discussions on food culture.
︎︎︎ Film making, food culture, interactivity, collaboration, shared spaces

Exhibited at RCA Term 1 symposium, White City

Kebin’s Bhuteko Bhat — 1 minute 34 seconds (Watch here)

Muhan’s Pork Tarakali — 2 minutes 38 seconds (Watch here)

Live drawing workshop in collaboration with Thalia Dougourou — Ink and skewers on cartridge paper